12 März 2007

Clip the web

This is a great new service. It´s basically a pimped up online/social bookmarking service. Just like del.icio.us (or digg or Mister Wong or whatever) you install a small plugin in your browser and clip the web. Which basically means that you can select any part of a website and save it to your clipmarks account. Or you can just blog it right away as I did with Sacrums first Brand Warmness Model. I like it becasue it just bears a simple truth: Respect is the glue that holds the parts of a wanted brand together. So Kudos to Sacrum.
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Pierro hat gesagt…

der intelegente Mensch am Ende des aufgefuehrten Links (Sacrum) :
ein netter verrueckter Prof. :-)

Tim hat gesagt…

Sacrum: Professor of Brand Warmness :)