12 März 2007

Planners are people with a planet size brain

I already saw this video for the IPA Effectiveness awards a couple of weeks ago but I couldn´t find it on YouTube. It´s nice to finally have a video for planners considering that planning is mostly a back office job hardly anybody from outside the agency (and sometimes even hardly in the agency) notices. But then again ten views on YouTube isn´t really like anyone cares, is it?

YouTube Link


Rob @ Cynic hat gesagt…

Hi Tim ... let me tell you, not all planners can lay claim to that, infact most can't ... but it's a nice ego boost for those who need to validate their university education.

Anyway, just wanted to say 'Hello' ... any friend of the weird Marcus is a friend of etc etc.

sylvia hat gesagt…

hey Tim,
you working with Jason Lusty
at all?
Would be a boss at Heye Munich
these days, used to be here
at DDB?

Marcus Brown hat gesagt…

Take no notice of Rob Tim. No, infact, take A LOT of notice of Rob.

Tim hat gesagt…

@Rob: Even planners like a soft pad on the had from time to time.

@sylvia: Yes he´s my new boss. Which is both great and fun.

@Marcus: I´m most impressed by the fact that Rob is working for NASA.

Marcus Brown hat gesagt…

Tim - Wait to you see his Kung Fu movie. THEN you'll be impressed!

sylvia hat gesagt…

ah cool. :)
I feel this world is the
and I got a swing hanging under
the moon.

Rob @ Cynic hat gesagt…

You're right Tim ... the issue is whether we always deserve it, ha!