23 März 2007

Take the planning survey, please

Picture by Nicobobinus
It has been some very very busy weeks. As you probably noticed I was really able to blog anything. I tried to keep a little update on my twitter, but texting on my mobile isn´t exactly fun.
Anyway I was catching up with all the blogs I like to read and found this planning survey over at Russell´s Blog.
It´s a survey for planners. Heather LeFevre from the Martin Agency (you know the Geico Cavemans who are doing a pilot for a new sitcom) took the time to put it together.
Even if you are not working in the US, but still working as a planner you should take the time for the survey. It´s mostly checkboxes which will take about ten minutes. Honestly. And if you are interested in the results you can leave your email here.

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