13 April 2007

Great stuff happening everywhere

I did a little catching up with my Blog subs. There is so much cool stuff happening I seriously don´t know if my head is not going to explode sometime.
First John Lowery from Grey London and John Grant were having a public discussion on the much discussed question wether blogging is killing planning. I really wish I would have known before. Judging from the IPA Strategy Groups Blog it sounds like war of the worlds. It´s really sad that stuff like that will probably be never discussed within the german plannersphere since only a few german planners are blogging anyway.

Then there is great stuff over at David Armano´s blog. He wrote an article for business week about how all this web 2.0 stuff is changing our (aka the consumer, customer, producer, user, community) behaviour. And I love the catchphrase It´s the conversation economy, stupid. You must read this!

Marcus has invented iPod singing, which I find rather disturbing, so I don´t think you´ll see me do that.

The interesting 2007 conference is coming up and I have to find a T-Shirt. I am so exited to go that I actually booked the first flight from Berlin on Saturday (I´ll be at the Werbekongress 2007 hosting a student workshop with one of our Creative Directors on thursday and friday).

And finally Jospeh Jaffe is doing the Most Valuable Blog Vote. Which I personally find very cool, just because I discovered some great new blogs by looking at the results.

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Marcus Brown hat gesagt…

Tim, your a loody coward. We all want to see you iPod sing. Maybe something from Snap!?