01 April 2007

Picasso and Blogging

Today was a really nice day and I made a trip to the Buchheim Museum. Lothar-Günther Buchheim wrote the book for the famous german movie Das Boot. I took the tour and actually learned a lot not only about the stuff Buchheim collected but also about german expressionism and Picasso. The tour guide qouted Picasso with the saying that creativity and art don´t derive from nothing. They always need something to inspire, something that´s already there but that the creative can build on.
So I guess that´s my point for this blog. It´s an archive for things I like or I don´t. A random collection of things things I am thinking about. So I can come back once in a while and browse through, hoping to have some kind of inspiration. I should really blog more often.

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Stephan Fischer hat gesagt…

Und Dalí sagte:
"Man muss systematisch Verwirrung stiften. Das setzt Kreativität frei."
Für mich: einer der wichtigsten Leitsätze des Planning.
Allerdings haben wir alle noch an dem Wörtchen "systematisch" zu knabbern, habe ich recht? Wie viel Systematik verträgt "creative planning"?