11 April 2007

What´s the next big thing in Web 2.0?

A couple of weeks ago I found mashable. It´s basically a Newsblog about all the newsites and services which are emerging within web 2.0. It´s a little scary sometimes because just the sheer amount of new services really remind you of the web 2.0 bubble a couple of years ago. But then again there are some really intersting or at least fun looking things like justin.tv. A guy who has a webcam attached to his head and is streaming his life live. Everything. Really! At least he says so. It didn´t really work when I was watching.
Or take Quintura which is like a visual search engine using clouds to visualize recent searches and which let´s you combine results with just one mouseclick. I seriously doubt that it can stand against anything that Google does. But at least it looks interesting and I found the web 2.0 bullshit generator.
Or just check for all the new Twitter plugins. It´s crazy. Power twitter with video and photo twittering. Or Twitterverse which uses Tag Clouds in order to visualize which words are used most often on twitter.
Or punchbowl. A service for planning your party online.
I really don´t know where this is all leading to. It looks like people are doing some of this stuff just because they can. At least sometimes I´m really having a hard time to see the point in some of these services. But then again that´s probably how web 2.0 got started in the first plce.

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