21 August 2007

F****ing with your head

This is a great spot which demonstrates the power of clever managed exspectations.

I got this from Simon´s Blog. And while he is not really sure if it is effective I think it actually might be. It causes a real dissonance. On the one hand you are admiring these beautiful bullet shots. On the other hand you feel guilty when you catch yourself admiring something that should not be admired in any way. I don´t think a TV commercial can stop a bullet out there on the streets. That´s up to everyone of us. But I think it does a good job of getting people thinking. At least for a couple of secondes. It stays with you for a couple of minutes and maybe the next time you witness some sort of violence going on in the tube or at a party or in the street, you might remember that it shouldn´t be this way. And maybe you´ll do something about it. And maybe not, which would sadly prove that Simon was right. Let´s hope that this time he won´t be.

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