09 Oktober 2007

How Videogames are changing advertising

Commercials which reference videogames seem to become really popular within the advertising industry.
Referencing Tetris Honda is showing german consumers how big the trunk of the Honda Jazz is and how to get even more stuff in :)

And this Honda commercial is obviously inspired by the movie Tron (which takes place within a videogame).

American Express takes it even further an references Pong as the first videogame to become a smash hit.

I don´t really recognize this particular game which Peugeot used in their commercial for the 407, but they also used video game aesthetics.

And the creatives from Saatchi & Saatchi must either like to play World of Warcraft or spend a lot of time surfing YouTube (who doesn´t these days?), because they came up with this ad for the Toyota Tacoma.

It might look like a fake but as you can see here, it has actually been shown on TV.
And let´s not forget Coca Cola. They have also done a World of Warcraft commercial in Asia.

But also with their great GTA Style Ad which won in Cannes this year.

But also their "Happiness Factory" campaign which is probably one of my favourite pieces of advertising ever is clearly inspired by the aestehtics of videogames.

If advertising really is a mirror of what´s going on in society then this is clearly an indication that videogames are as mainstream as they can ever get. There´s no doubt that there will be more commercials like this. But the interesting question is if advertsing is not only able to copy the style of videogames but to also implement a videogame-thinking into their campaigns. People play because they enjoy exploring. How far does this virtual world expand? Where are its limits? How can I use this virtual environment to get a better Highscore or beat my opponent?
This is what advertising agencies should consider more often in their communication strategies. Because there is a generation out there who has grown up spending hours and hours exploring the digital realms they are clearly expecting more than just stylish copies of their favourite games. Maybe the next level of advertising is stopping a commercial I find intersting and start exploring it with my Next generation iPhone. But understanding Videogames is clearly the basis for the creative future.

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