27 November 2007

Advertising all day long

Firebrand is now officially online. Of course still in beta since it's supposed to be a Web 2.0 site. It's basically a YouTube for commercials. And since I didn't think of it, there must be some other sick advertising practioner out there who thinks commercials are the greatest form of entertainment there is ;-)
So anyway you can't really upload anything. Just browse, watch, rate, favourite, download, email or embedd the spots. There are also sweepstakes and contests you can enter for some brands.
But this whole concept brings up some questions:
Who is supposed to visit this site? How many people are there, spending their time browsing advertising?
And more important: What's the business behinf this? How do brands get on this site? Do they have to pay?
And if they don't, what about copyright? Not that I wouldn't want to see any of the commercials I have worked on YouTube or Firebrand. But can Firebrand just take any commercial and put it on their site?
If anybody has some answers (I'm too lazy to google for them right now), please post them in the comments.
And while you do enjoy my favourite spot once again:

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