12 November 2007

A conversation about advertising with David Ogilvy

Marcus has recently written a couple of posts on how the advertising industry has not really changed since he used to be on the client side. I've been in this advertising thing for almost 10 years now and I'd definitely agree with him. It probably hasn't changed much since Bernbach and Ogilvy. And if you have read (which you should) Claude C. Hopkins book "Scientific Advertising" (free PDF Download and Audio Book here) which was first published in 1923 (!!!) you would probably realize that in fact it hasn't changed at all.
However what has changed is the media landscape. We are now able to bring our messages in a million different ways to the people. We are able to connect and measure in numerous ways with them. But the challenge for advertising always remains the same: Give people a better feeling about one particular brand than any other.
That's why you should take an hour and listen and learn to what David Ogilvy has to say about the advertising. It's frightening and enlightening at the same time.

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