10 Januar 2008

You can run...

...but you cannot hide.

This internet thing is really changing the rules of communication. Who would remember Eddie Murphy singing "Party all the time" with Rick James if it wasn't for YouTube. You can find the weirdest stuff there.
And don't you just love the way these guys acting like it's all easy and at the same time they are right on top of their game? If I had to explain what "The Flow" is I'd show this video.

Hat-Tip to my colleague Jörg.

1 Kommentar:

Nils hat gesagt…

Ich konnte mich auch ohne Youtube dran erinnern. Wegen der miesen Frisuren. Und Eddie kann so gar nicht singen. Das Lied fand ich damals schon gruselig...

Bei den Frisuren muss ich immer an "Prinz aus Zamunda" und das "Sun Glow" denken. :-)