06 Mai 2008

Is it worth it? Yes!

In the last couple of weeks I found myself arguing with all kinds of people if this Internet-Web-2.0-Social-Network-on-demand-consumer-generated-content thing isn't just a hype. I always said no, even though I wasn't really sure if I was sure about that. Because I had doubts. I wasn't blogging as much anymore. I wasn't checking my RSS feeds as frequent as I used to. But thanks to this speech by Clay Shirky at the Web 2.0 Expo 2008 I have regained my faith. No it's not just a fad that is going away. Yes there will be times, when you will just consume or maybe even consume less media. But sometime you will find yourself looking for the mouse too. And everybody knows that doing something is better than doing nothing. The last couple of sentences are taken out of context from his speech, which I urge you to watch regardless if you believe in this or not.

Thanks Charles for finding this.

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