07 Januar 2009

Fast Fruit

I saw this Billboard in Hamburg Central Station yesterday. I guess it's a nice idea if you think about it. Because most of the time when you are travelling you kind of feed yourself a lot of crap. Hamburgers, Snickers and that sort of stuff. So reminding travellers that there's a fast and healthy alternative seems to be a good investment (and right below that billboard is a little supermarket which actually sells fruit, too).
And for best protection of your banana get a Banabox.

BTW: I wonder why nobody has thought of a fast fruit positioning for smoothies yet. Seems pretty obvious to me :-)


Michael hat gesagt…

I did! I even have complete ads for such a positioing.

But the agency to which I presented that stuff just said it had no real reason why...

But I knew I was right.

Tim hat gesagt…

I did too :-)
But the Creative Director said it's rubbish.
But we both know it would be a good idea.
Keep up the good thinking.

Michael hat gesagt…

Or we can found a new smoothie company! That'ld be genius ;)

Tim hat gesagt…

Also a nice idea, but I think it might be a little late, don't you think? :-)