25 Januar 2009

Honda: Fail to succeed

This is yet another absolutely brilliant piece of work for Honda. In order to bringt their Company Claim "The Power of dreams" once more to live, they released a documentary series called "Dream the impossible". This first movie is about failure and how failure can be seen as an essential step to success. A truly inspiring video.

I think Honda has done some remarkable brand building with their "Power of dreams" tagline over the last coupke of years. I must admit that I was pretty skeptical when I was first confronted with this slogan. I thought it would just be another nonsense advertising slogan. But Honda sticked consistently to their core theme. And they always find new ways to it. The faboulus Grrr TV Spot which tells you to try and change things you "hate". Or the Impossible Dream TV Spot which really sums up what drives Honda. Or Honda's cute Asimo Spot where we learn that technology is about making better better. Or the awesome Live TV Spot "Difficult is worth doing" for the Launch of the Honda Accord last year (You should really watch the 6 Minute documentary). And now this Webisode about dreaming the impossible. I have to say that Honda has actually earned a top spot in my relevant set for cars with their consistency. Which wasn't that hard because even though I never considered Honda as a serious car company I also never thought of them as a bad one either. I didn't really care about Honda, but today I am always eager to see their advertising.

And by the way: I think that these webisodes might be one of the big trends in advertising for 2009. But I'll write another post on that tought later.

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