09 Januar 2009

My Facebook Universe

Touchgraph is a pretty cool visualisation tool. And even though the free Google Touchgraph is just a demo with very limited functionality I often use it to check how deep a campaign or a brand is linked.

Thanks to Alina I just realized that they also have a facebook demo which displays as many of your contacts as you like. It's looks like my facebook Universe with me in the center of course and everybody of my facebook contacts rotating around me :)
As you can see it clusters people from the same region as well as friends who are connected to each other.
This is just a screenshot but you can click around and see who your friends are connected to as well. Go play around.


Stefan Erschwendner hat gesagt…

touchgraph ist ein nettes tool, hab ich schon für ein paar präsentationen verwendet.
Bei dir ist Christoph ja noch ordentlich im Heye-Netzwerk angesiedelt ;-)


Tim hat gesagt…

ja, echt klasse. nutzt du auch nur die kostenlose version oder hast du mal das programm getestet? ich glaube ich würde gerne mal die 30 tage testversion ausprobieren, weiß aber noch nicht so genau wofür sich das lohnen könnte.

Mark Lewis hat gesagt…

I went looking for this a while ago and came along a few other types of widget that do he same thing, but nothing really touched. Waiting for the tech hat shows me how all my social networks are lined.

Stefan Erschwendner hat gesagt…

Ich hab bis jetzt immer nur die Testversion verwendet um die Diffusion von Information/WOM zu illustrieren.

Tim hat gesagt…

@Mark: It's a nice widget for facebook I guess. And it would be great if someone figured out on how to pull all the information from your various networks together.

I am thinking about buying a Touch Graph lIcence to play around a little. But I don't really have a clue on what to play with yet.