09 Februar 2009

DIY Walk in Fridge

I figure that by now probably everybody has seen the funny "walk in fridge" commercial from Heineken since it has generated a couple of million views.
And now this Video pops up where a couple of guys mount a container on the outside og their appartment in order to build their own Walk in Fridge.

Now after watching this video everybody probably has to realize that this is obviuosly fake. And my guess is that Heineken is also behind this video.
Which shows me that they are kind of getting behind this digital marketing thing. The commercial was funny enough to generate Millions of extra views at probably very low costs compared to traditional TV. The story is so true to hu-man (pun intended) that I have watched and showed it to friends dozens of times. But Heineken took it a little further than just putting a funny video on YouTube. They picked up on the fun story and made a consumer-generated-looking DIY Walk in Fridge video. But they they took it just a little bit over the edge so that it's obviously not really consumer generated. Really genius in my opinion, because now people (or the blogosphere for that matter) are not arguing about wheter it's real or fake or who is behind it, but they are just having as much fun as with the original commercial. So launching a fake video is not necessarly a bad thing. And this is where my favourite Alex Bogusky quote once again fits perfectly: "We want you to know that we know that you know. So let's have some fun."

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