10 Februar 2009

Playing by the rules of Social Media: The Jesus Shot.

In 2007 Bryan Levi or the Levinator25 as he calls himself on YouTube found a glitch in the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008: The Jesus Shot.

Now that is not really anything special. Gamers always tend to test out the boundaries of their favourite games and there are thousands of those videos on YouTube. And Game Publishers often chose to ignore tose videos. Sometimes they also provide a bugfix if the glitch is really bad.

To promote the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 Electronic Arts showed that they were good sports who know how to play by the rules of social media. They just took the clip and did a response video which mocks the original clip just a little:

It's actually great to see that more agencys and their clients are getting "it". And it is a great example on how to get positive buzz and talk value out of customer feedback (because the Jesus Shot Video is just that). While Brians original Video has only generated about 50.000 views at the time EA launched their video, the Walk on Water Viral generated more than 2.800.000 Views.
A nice example of Social Media done right, I think.

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