04 Februar 2009

The Tweet Readings (not in Helvetica)

This is yet another brilliant idea from Marcus: Reading tweets with his pants down sitting on a toilet. It's just hilarious how he interprets those small 140 character tweets from The-Cowboy-Hat-wearing-guy-we-came-to-know-as-Mr-David-Armano, Social Media's enfant terrible Joseph Jaffe and Social Media Evangelist extrordanaire Guy Kawasaki.

Reading David Armano from Marcus Brown on Vimeo.

Reading Joseph Jaffe from Marcus Brown on Vimeo.

Reading Guy Kawasaki from Marcus Brown on Vimeo.


Name: stephan fischer hat gesagt…

Outstanding this is.

Tim hat gesagt…

@stephan: yes indeed. A-W-E-S-O-M-E

Marcus hat gesagt…

Why thank you Tim!

Tim hat gesagt…

You are welcome Marcus. And I got yet another nice surprise coming up for you.