19 März 2009

Electric Sheep are viral

A new Viral Video from Samsung has been in my Inbox a couple of times in the last few days. And even though with almost 3 Minutes it is pretty long, it actually has some amazing spreadability. My quick check on YouTube says that this video is well over 1 Million Views in just 3 days. So it's viral, but is it a good one?
Let's make a quick check developed by the experts from GoViral.

1. Would I send this video to my friends/colleagues?
Yes. And I actually did. Not by email, but on Yammer.

2. Would I talk to my friends/colleagues about this?
Again yes. I actually did so yesterday in our agency kitchen.

3. And what would you talk about? The video or the brand?
Actually I only talked about the video. And people asked me what it was for. I could only remember Samsung, but not really a specific product.

So it is actually a good viral, but it probably doesn't help the brand Samsung. It is interesting and funny to watch. But the product just doesn't fit into the story. So in my humble opinion this is a good Viral Video, but probably wasted money as well.

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